We place a high value on

Worship (both private and corporate)

Worship reflects our acknowledgment of God's perfection and power, and our willingness to be spiritually transformed by Him.
Worshiping together strengthens us as individuals while facilitating a community of believers which we know as church.


The mandate given to us by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:19-20 motivates us to reach out to all.
This task was not given to a group of disconnected individuals,but to the Body of Christ working together.


We are called to serve God by serving others. The early church was known for how they took care of people.
Effective outreach is the product of a loving and compassionate heart-not simply impersonal implementation of programs and projects.

Education and Training

One of the critical functions of our church is to provide exposure to God's Word and training of the Word to daily life and circumstances.


A group called for a special purpose. We are a family, living in oneness and unity. God created us with the innate need for relationship and love. The church is there to satisfy a portion of that longing.


Those who love God and rely on the church for their Spiritual growth are responsible to give generously towards its support. It is the management of all the resources God has entrusted to us- time,relationship is a reflection of righteousness, gratitude, obedience and sensitivity.

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