Please fill out for each child aged 3 to 13.

Please note that this form is for children new to All Stars.  Safety is very important to us so parents will still need to check their children in before and after the meeting (this is a very quick process) and ensures that the children are in our safe hands while parents are in the church meeting.

*All Stars does not run during the GDE school holidays and children are invited to participate in church with their parents during holiday periods.

*The small print!


Terms and conditions:

I agree that I will not hold any of the volunteers, members or staff of Grace Cov Church liable for any mishap whatsoever that might occur while the above child/ren are at All Star Kids / Grace Cov Church.  I understand that every care will be taken.  I further understand that my child/ren will only be supervised while All Star Kids is in session and thereafter it is my responsibility to look after my child/ren.

From time to time images of your child/ren whether by photographic or other means may be collected and used by Grace Cov Church for social media, video or website use relating to achievements and events of the All Star Kids and Grace Cov Church.  No images will be sold or given to anyone for use outside of Grace Cov Church.

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