2021 09 08

Good morning.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

(Matthew 5:6)

To fully understand this beatitude we must first know what the word righteousness means. To be righteous is to do things that are upright, virtuous, noble, morally right, and ethical. You could say that righteousness is a life style that Jesus approves of. Jesus teaches us that if we focus and aim for righteousness, then righteousness will be revealed to us.

Having said this, with all the injustice and unrighteousness going on all around us, it so easy for us to to get caught up in unrighteous behaviour, albeit unintentionally.

To hunger and thirst after righteousness needs to be intentional as this goes against what the world says - win at all costs. Once again we see the counterculture of Christ’s teaching.

Today, let's go hard after righteousness. We can make a difference.