2022 03 14

Good morning.

During the "Gifted" course we as GraceCov have been going through since the begining of February this year, we have heard about our natural talents and the grace gifts of the Spirit.

It is quite easy to confuse our natural talents with the gifts of the Spirit. We may excel in certain areas, which God may use for His glory.

God may require us to work outside our natural talents to carry our His work together with others within our church family. Don't you like the account in Nehemiah 3 where priests, sons of communuty leaders, goldsmiths, perfume makers and levites worked together to rebuild the gates/walls around Jerusalem.

God, through Holy Spirit, endows us with spiritual gifts for the purpose of building up the Body of Christ. We have seen that Paul reminds us of some of these in Romans 12:6-8 - prophecy, serving, teaching, encouraging, generous giving, leading and mercy.

As we use the sp