2021 08 06

Good morning.

This past Sunday we saw the significance the armour of God. While all the parts are important, the “helmet of salvation”

is vital in the struggle of maintaining hope in the face of adversity. The helmet protects our mind, the center for our feelings, attitudes, emotions, and choices. We need to be aware when our hope is under attack, reach for the helmet of salvation and put it on.

Our salvationis in Christ. This salvation defines not only our inheritance, but also our identity. This helmet protects our wandering thoughts, bringing them back into alignment with our salvation, as we remember who we are and what He has done for us.

Hope in Him keeps our faith alive as we choose to define our expectations by His character—His trustworthiness, faithfulness, and love for us.

We can mourn our losses while looking forward in hope. Forward is a good place to look because Jesus is already there, waiting with new mercies and abundant grace for each new day.