2021 09 25

Good morning.

Risk! Some people thrive on it, while others avoid it.

A significant amount of risk is involved in trusting God in all things, relationships, choices, and decisions. Risk, after all, is part of the very nature of faith:

• Putting our belief in God whom we can’t see but still experience.

• Putting our faith in His promise to work all things to our good, even if we don't understand what must happen to get us from where we are to where we hope to be.

• Putting our faith in the love of God to transform us in ways we can’t even begin to imagine or expect.

In Matthew 14 we read about a big risk-taker. Jesus was walking on the sea to the disciples. They were afraid, thinking it was a ghost. At Jesus's invitation, Peter stepped out of the boat and walked on water. Peter was willing to leave the boat and begin walking toward Jesus. Peter took a risk by stepping out in faith.

What we see as a risk, could be the very situation God uses to strengthen our faith. What we think holds the potential for loss or damage, God may very well be using to strengthen our characters. What we view as taking a chance, very possibly could be what God will use to carry us closer to fulfilling our purpose and reaching our f