2021 12 09

Good morning.

The process leading up to Christmas Day is called Advent. Advent is a fancy way of saying, “arrival.” It’s a time of waiting, of anticipating the coming of something (or someone) great.

The Christmas season is our time as Christians to wait with great joy and celebrate the birth of Christ. We celebrate Christmas Day, but there is much to celebrate in the days leading up to the day of Jesus’ birth. It's so easy to become focused on the end goal that we forget to appreciate the process of getting there. When we elevate the end over the means, we miss out, because often God does some of His greatest work along the way. For him, it’s all about the process, and less about the final destination.

This Christmas season, don’t focus on lists of things to do - your Christmas lists, your grocery lists, the list of parties to attend, and everything in between. Don’t just aim for Christmas Day and miss out on the enjoyment of the days leading up to it. Forget about the presents needing to be wrapped. Focus instead on being present in each moment. Take time to celebrate God in the process. He is at work this Christmas season. Don’t wait until December 25 to notice.


Mike and Daphne

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